Pesticide Stewardship

New EPA Approaches Enhance Collaboration and Conservation Efforts for Farmers

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New EPA Approaches Enhance Collaboration and Conservation Efforts for Farmers The approaches follow settlement of litigation challenging the agency’s compliance with the Endangered Species Act The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently unveiled additional steps to ensure the protection of endangered species from pesticide exposure while at the same time supporting the agricultural community. In […]

Endangered Species Act

Final Monarch Listing Decision Timeline Among Topics Addressed at FFM Plenary Meeting

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Where are the monarchs now? The monarch migration is now moving through Iowa and has entered northern Kansas. By the week of September 25th they should reach central Oklahoma. The first monarchs usually reach the border with Mexico in the first week of October. Follow their migration at Journey North. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s […]

Monarch Population Counts

The Livelihood of both Farmers and Monarchs Threatened by a Changing Climate

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Today is the first day of Pollinator Week, an annual celebration in support of pollinator health that was initiated and is managed by Pollinator Partnership. The theme of this year’s Pollinator Week is emphasizing the connections between climate and pollinators. Few individuals are as closely tied to the weather patterns as farmers. Farmers track temperature, […]


No Mow May Gaining Momentum in the United States

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Where are the monarchs now? The monarchs are well into their northern migration and can be found throughout the Midwest. Monarchs have been sighted as far north as Indiana. Follow their migration at Journey North. A campaign that started in England urging landowners to avoid mowing their lawn is steadily gaining momentum in the United […]

Field reports

Prescribed Fire is a Great Way to Maintain Pollinator Habitat; But Firebreak Preparation Should Begin Now

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Where are the monarchs now? Fall migration is in full swing! Eastern migratory monarchs are beginning to arrive in Mexico. Texas is a migration hotspot, and reports are picking up in the Southeast and along the Gulf Coast. Western monarch activity is also ramping up, and some monarchs have reached overwintering sites in California. Learn […]